Who are millennials and why do they matter to your store? Millennials are currently between the age of 17-36, they are one of the first generations to spend their formative years online, and at 83 million people, they account for a quarter of the population of the United States, which makes them the largest living generation. 
All together, millennials spend $600 billion in the United States each year, which makes them a lucrative and highly available customer for your retail store. Now, what are these powerful, tech savvy purchasers looking for in a shopping experience? And how can you keep them coming back?
A mobile optimized experience online and in store is a must. 


  • Often referred to as "digital natives," Millennials and Gen Z have become dependant upon mobile devices for everything from socializing to shopping. With this in mind, be sure to create your emails with a mobile design in mind- create a template that will render the full message on a phone screen and load quickly. As a Bridgewater retailer, you have access to a full libarary of email templates that are already mobile-optimized and sure to bring your customers back to your store!
  • To capture more in-store sales, think mobile first at checkout. Include payment options such as Apple Pay and Android pay. A recent study by Accenture found that 23% of Millennials use contactless payments at least once a week. You can make their checkout smooth and enviable by offering this option. 

Digital Natives expect a seamless shopping experience


  • A recent study by Accenture found that millennials prefer to shop in stores where they can touch, feel, and smell products before making a purchase decision. However, they expect a seamless shopping experience between brick and morter stores and the brands they follow online. One way you can take advantage of this expectation for a similar online and in-store experience is by providing a wide range of Bridgewater fragrances for your customers to choose from and highlighting content from the Bridgewater site. Highlight different stories from our blog in your store and help your customers make the connection between their candle purchase and the children they can provide meals for through Light a Candle Feed a Child. If you share that the product gives back, millennial and Gen Z shoppers will be X% more likely to purchase! 

Millennials are loyal to the best experience provider. 


  • Millennials prefer experiences over things, and 74% report that they will switch to a different retailer or brand if they have a negative experience. You can create a positive, memorable experience they'll share with friends by offering a beverage to shoppers in your store. Lemon water in the summer and hot tea in the fall is a great way to create comeraderie with your customer and make them feel welcome. 
  • According to Yes Lifestyle Marketing, Millennials are more likely to stay loyal to a brand because of loyalty rewards than any other generation. You can keep them coming back with a loyalty program as simple as a punch card that offers a discount on the tenth purchase or a free item with purchase when they hit a certain spending threshold. 
  • Most importantly, 81% of millennials expect companies to make a public committment to charitable causes and citizenship (Horizon Media). By becoming a Bridgewater Retailer, you can demonstrate this commitment without the cost! We make a donation to for every jar candle, Sweet Grace Collection candle, Afternoon Retreat Collection candle, and holiday candle sold- whether that be through your brick and mortar store or your online site. With the help of retailers like you, we've donated over 8.7 Million meals to date! Share the Light a Candle Feed a Child message with your younger audience, and they'll be loyal for life.