Setting your Store up for Merchandising Success

When it comes to showcasing your Bridgewater Candle Company inventory, the best advice we can offer you is to have fun! This line of made in the USA candles offers a variety of colors, fragrances, snapshots of life, and trendy style elements to play with as you create a display that educates your customers about best-sellers and the Light a Candle Feed a Child mission. 

Always keep Sweet Grace at eye height. 
Eye height is buy height, and Sweet Grace is the first fragrance your customers are going to want to take home! Lead with Sweet Grace items in the core line and the Sweet Grace Collection at eye height, then supplement your display with Afternoon Retreat, White Cotton, Kiss in the Rain, and other popular scents. 
Testers are the best! 
Always keep a candle burning, and the most frequent question you'll have is "What smells so good!" We've found that once a customer smells our product once, they're hooked. You can take advantage of the unique fragrances that our in-house perfumers create and use them to sell through your Bridgewater inventory rapidly just by burning a candle throughout the day or using wax melts on a warmer to diffuse fragrance in your store. 
Create Bridgewater Central in your store. 
Use one large display case to house your Bridgewater candle library and let your customers smell each scent. When displaying the full core collection, we recommend placing the small jar in front of the large jar and keeping all hang tags situated on the right side of the jar with the snapshot of life facing forward. This creates a clean, organized presentation that shoppers enjoy and can easily navigate. 
Share the Light a Candle Feed a Child Mission. 
Bridgewater is different from any product you'll ever sell because each candle makes a tangible difference in the life of a child in need. Each jar candle, Sweet Grace Collection candle, Afternoon Retreat Collection candle, and holiday candle sold provides 3 meals through our partnership with Rice Bowls, and your customer gets to be a part of that mission! Share how many meals your store has provided on a sign, describe LACFAC in simple terms, and highlight the children on hang tags to help shoppers connect with the children they can feed through their purchase. 
Use a little sparkle. 
There's no denying that the first thing we notice in a shop is anything with a little sparkle. Sweet Grace Collection, Afternoon Retreat Collection, and holiday vessels feature mercury glass, which shimmers in the light. Display these items in an area with good lighting for maximum impact!